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Meet Sunshine,

Here her journey unfolds.

It was tough growing up! One day my dad became ill suffering from a serious mental illness.

 My whole life Changed.....


 When he was around things were strange and at times scary. I felt rejected by him frequently as it was difficult for him to express or receive love thus he often pushed me away. My dad brought me up with strict controlling rules at times I felt isolated.

Fortunately, I had the love & support of my family. However, it was difficult for everyone and I  was deeply wounded. 


As you can imagine it was fighting for a child & wasn't easy. I became withdrawn suffering from....

What's included in this ebook?

11 Tips surrounding Three Core Areas:

• Empowerment

Step Into Your Power


Shine Your Light

• Mindset

Build An Unstoppable Mindset

Positive Mindset & Attitude

Flow Mindset

• Connection

Becoming Aligned

Embracing Your Authenticity


Finding Balance

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