Jennette Cacoullis
Holistic Transformational Coach

About me

Meet Sunshine,

Here her journey unfolds.

It was tough growing up! One day my dad became ill suffering from a serious mental illness.

 My whole life Changed.....

 When he was around things were strange and at times scary. I felt rejected by him frequently as he pushed me away often. My dad brought me up with some strict controlling rules.  At times I felt isolated.


Fortunately, I had the love & support of my family. However, it was difficult for everyone and I  was deeply wounded. 


As you can imagine it was frightening for a child & wasn't easy. I became withdrawn suffering from....

What's included in this ebook?

11 Tips surrounding Three Core Areas:

• Empowerment

Step Into Your Power


Shine Your Light

• Mindset

Build An Unstoppable Mindset

Positive Mindset & Attitude

Flow Mindset

• Connection

Becoming Aligned

Embracing Your Authenticity


Finding Balance

Get Support!

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