my story

Meet Sunshine,

Here her journey unfolds.

It was tough growing up! One day my dad became ill suffering from a serious mental illness.

 My whole life Changed.....

 When he was around things were strange and at times scary. I felt rejected by him frequently as he pushed me away often. My dad brought me up with some strict controlling rules.  At times I felt isolated.


Fortunately, I had the love & support of my family. However, it was difficult for everyone and I  was deeply wounded. 


As you can imagine it was frightening for a child & wasn't easy. I became withdrawn suffering from anxiety, depression, frustration, fear of rejection, abandonment issues, low self-esteem, feeling different and negative thinking.

When I was 15 years old, I left school early with no qualifications and immediately began spiralling down a destructive path. I ran away from home for a while. I was angry with the world, disliked myself & was self-destructive. Hanging out with the wrong people, drinking and partying.


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Something had to change. I knew I had great potential but didn't know how to change my life.  Deep down I knew Sunshine was still inside me under all the pain.

I felt like I lacked identity & confidence that I had when I was younger. Suffering from PSTD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). Feeling like I had lost myself & that I was constantly re-living pain from the past.  Stuck in the past giving to everyone but myself.

I realised, my dad wasn't well, and I knew he had no control over what was happening.  Sadly, he has passed now. Before he passed, we managed to re-connect and repair our relationship. Which was a massive step for me.  I learned to forgive, and loved him dearly remembering good times. 

I still needed to heal my wounds.  I was totally frustrated and fed up with my life. I was stuck and going nowhere.  I started with some counselling.  After a while, I decided to go back into education ending up in me graduating in Biology BSc with a 1st class honours! My determination was back, and I was on fire.

Whilst I was proud of my achievements and getting back on track I felt something was missing.  I wasn't sure what was next. I still felt disconnected, held back by past wounds & I still felt like there was more for me.

I was moving forward but my focus was on the wrong thing. Being a rescuer type of person, I was stuck in the habit of putting others first & being a people pleaser not truly loving myself and knowing my worth.


I delved further into self-healing, personal development & focused on growth.

 I remembered back to my younger days the childhood I fondly remembered before things changed.


I was surrounded by a loving Greek family & being raised by my parents who were into personal development & spirituality.

Before my dad fell ill, we often had fun seeing auras, getting in touch with our senses in nature, and doing readings.  A magical bond. Growing up with a certain freedom, curiosity & love for life. 

It was here where my spiritual journey began building a strong connection with nature, my values, intuition & the ability to heal.

I remember my favourite bright yellow skirt that my mum bought me which i used to spin around in bringing me much joy.  It reminded me of Sunshine which has been my favourite nickname since a child.

I had a gift for seeing other people’s gift & shine.  With a strong will & optimistic outlook empowering those around me. 

I realised that this was what I was yearning for. This feeling again.

After working for a few years following university, I started to get back into my passions. I was finding myself again.  Bursting with energy and excited about life.  Like I had been re-born.


Some didn't understand this energy, my positive attitude.

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Bellydance photo.jpg

I had been through a lot and was learning to love myself &  life again. I worked but didn't fit in. I was often bullied and singled out for being different & standing out.  I was even told, "I don't like your smile, the way you are so friendly with people”!

It was here I found my real passion for dancing.  In the office, I often hid my shine but when I danced, I found a place to always shine.  Where I could express my positive and confident self.  Sharing my shine with the world whilst illuminating others at the same time.

 I wanted to be free to be me, not just in dance but in life.  I wanted more than a life just settling. I was seeking to truly connect to my authentic self, gifts and desires.  I wanted to create a life and business of meaning.

 I wanted something different, where I could embrace being different and walk my own path.  Here, I delved into the entrepreneur world.

 Trying out numerous things. It was a new world, a different more independent way of thinking and being.  I loved it but was seeking to do something to truly tap into my authentic gift & dreams of causing a ripple effect.

 I kept looking and I found it!!

My calling.  I wanted to help others like me.  Always having a passion for helping others as well as the mind, body & spirit connection.


My life truly changed when I underwent mentorship & coaching. I delved deeper into who I am. Gaining clarity on what was holding me back and what my deepest dreams were. 

I overcame limiting beliefs, rewired my mindset and created new healthy habits.

Understanding the power of the mind and how to develop my mindset to stop negative thinking and limiting beliefs.

I realised that facing rejection was a gift that had given me the strength to overcome anything, empowering me to find self-love & making me fearless with an unstoppable drive.

I unleashed my power.  Tuning in to my own power realising my unique place in this world and the power to create what I was looking for.  Only we are responsible for changing & creating our lives.  Making ourselves happy!

I came into alignment with myself, adopting healthy routines & finding a balance between Mind, body & spirit to become my higher self & finding my flow.

With the combination of coaching and my self-healing transformation, I realised my life had taken me to this place, to my destiny. 

I went from hating my life to truly being grateful for everyone and every part of it. Without these challenges, I wouldn't be the person I am now with the alignment, confidence and drive I have today. To inspire others & the world.  Re-writing my story.

"Shine!! Don't Play Small to Ease a Few, the World Needs you at Your Fullest Potential Shining your Light"  

Jennette Cacoullis

I found myself again, Sunshine. There was no more hiding, and nothing was holding me back.  Radiating. Stepping back into my power intuitively connecting with myself & gifts to thrive. Finding balance and loving who I am.  Being in the flow of my higher essence & joy. 

Now knowing I had to go through these life challenges to transform & know how important it is to truly shine and keep driving forward no matter what, to find and create the soulful life I love.


Finding the confidence to become my best self in life & business.  Whilst being totally authentic!

 I know exactly how to tune into what is in alignment and authentic to self. Creating the life you love and finding a balance connecting mind, body & spirit. 


Finding the shine within & having the resilience & drive to keep striving for our magnificent best life.

Creating shine & unstoppable empowered drive allowed me to be my best self, attract love, opportunities, and success. Once I was in alignment, my higher energy flowed & things changed for the better.


The beauty of Transformation.