Be open to your infinite opportunity & your Divine gift.

Updated: May 5, 2020

Be open and expand..

Be Open...

I remember feeling stuck and lost.

I had a gift but wasn't sure how to channel it.

Feeling uncertain and not believing in myself, I drifted through life settling for what was something not even close to my potential.

I felt unfulfilled but as a warrior I carried on trying to be ok. Drifting down the wrong path.

Anyone relate?

I was too shut off, down a hopeless spiral, to Open up to the idea of something else.

Maybe I was even scared of my true potential.

It was only when I shifted my mindset that things started to change.

I am worth it, I will not just settle. I believe in my self & in greatness.

Thinking, life is too precious to waste it.

There will never be the right time, because the time is NOW!!

Certainty will come, but first take the actions and follow your dreams.

And then a realisation....

WAKE UP, Be open to Change!!

Be open to questioning what is not going right for you...

Be open to the thought that where you are now is not where you will be in the future if you choose.

Be open to REALISATIONS that changes your life!

Be open to reaching out for support from those who are on the path already.

Be open to the universe opening up to you!

Once i started following what I love, life took me to another place. Another level.

Be open to your infinite opportunity & your Divine gift.

You have a special place in this world and it is just waiting for you to Blossom.


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