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Updated: May 5, 2020

Passions & how they help you grow & thrive

Apart from Personal Development & Coaching, what is ONE of my other passions???

You guessed it, Belly Dancing!

Feminine, sassy, elegant, skilled & the art of muscular body isolation... as well as the pretty outfits,

I have been dancing for years now and it has been so rewarding & healing.

Whenever I have had a stressful day or felt a bit low i would feel uplifted and happier after dancing & socialising with my lovely dance mates (love you guys💕).

Dancing is filled with passion and confidence, that's why I love it.It is the one thing I know with certainty that you can truly express your shine, beauty and talent inexcusable.Just like exercise, dancing increases the happy hormones uplifting our spirits whilst keeping us fit.Dancing is challenging and expands comfort zones.

Creativity & Mindset play a big role in dancing, especially when performing.

Whilst performing putting yourself into your most confident part of yourself is important and sometimes playing a certain character role.It takes a lot of courage and confidence to get on that stage! Showing up, confidence and owning it!!

Expression is also crucial to express emotions telling a story whilst dancing.I love the sisterhood as well, such a great vibe and teamwork.

Never really been one for consistently going to the gym as I used to get bored easy but dancing kept me motivated to workout.It is such a Buzz to perform and spread the love through dancing.

Some Benefits of dancing:

- Becoming skilled dancer.

- Learning techniques & choreographies enhancing discipline & good memory - Being able to walk down the street doing chest hits/circles/body rolls (bellydance girls, you know what I mean hehe ) - Passionate - Building confidence and owning your shine

- Building a confident mindset - Divine Feminine Power, team work & friendships

There are all different ways to bring light into the world and dance is one or them.

Show up, be bold, be the beautiful you x

I can't wait for the next performance!

Comment below and tell me one of your passions, would love to hear about it

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