Creating Space for Yourself, feeling your feelings & transforming them

Updated: May 5, 2020

Becoming comfortable with your vulnerability and processing feelings

Feelings at the Round Table ...

Feelings at the Round Table ...

Do you bury your feelings?

Avoid being vulnerable?

Not feel worthy of expressing yourself or needs.

Has anyone made you feel that having emotions or being vulnerable makes you a weak person???

I felt this at one point....

It's all about perception I guess.

I believe that it's a strength!!! YES!

Some of the most strongest and wisest people I have known are those who have been through life challenges, felt and overcome pain.

They are my heroes, the true warriors!!

I had a tough emotional week this week!!

Been in tears at some points.

Lets be open, haha

I chose to give myself a couple of days off to connect with my pain, truly feel myself, heal and rewire my mindset.

Now back on my mission but i now know i am ....

One bit more in touch with my authentic self

One bit more wiser than yesterday

One bit more connected and open to the universe

One bit more HUMAN....

One bit more... let me know your thoughts???

We can only truely move forward when we acknowledge and feel our true feelings.

Just make sure not to let it stop you!! Thrive anyway.

They are an opportunity for growth and connection.

Feel, heal, let go, rewire & drive forward.

After deeply connecting to your feelings practice lots of self love.

Overcoming limiting beliefs and pain makes us stronger and wiser. Discovering our true shelves and enabling us to inspire and help others.

Without feelings we become disconnected.

Fully Feel it, breath... after an hour or so ask yourself - what do I need right now to feel at ease? Do I want to change something in my life? How can I grow? How can I re-think this to become a feeling that serves me? How can this make me wiser and be beneficial to the world?

Never be ashamed of having feelings... positives or negatives, they all are room for growth.

To feel truely alive fully feel, connect and let go x

Choose to make space for yourself & those precious feelings.

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