Seeing is Everything, Connect, see Each other ..

Updated: May 5, 2020

Thank you for SEEING me ..

Bit of a playful pic hehe but hey why not.

Connecting to my feminine energy.

Have you felt unseen, misunderstood or not appreciated for the true you, your gifts? Have you felt criticized, judged or a negative vibe towards you for no particular reason?

How often has you felt knocked down by this, dimming your shine whilst keeping it inside and feeling stuck? I feel you, I have felt this way at times.. But ironically, the beauty is: with adversity there is transformation!

Don't feel seen? Be YOU, SHINE anyway 💫 Whilst doing my morning routine and getting appreciation sent my way for who I am by a friend, this thought deeply came into my mind..


My shine, my pain, all of me... No one is perfect, we all fall and rise. Sometimes we hide our pain or even gifts. ******

We can have blind spots and pre-proposed assumptions about people and situations. Sometimes making us believe things about them without truly knowing them. This can lead to treating someone like an enemy or a stranger. Assumptions, ego, comparisons, competition, longing for more love or status than another can all create this.. If we looked at the same person we have a negative pre-proposed opinion of as we would a lover, a friend or someone who doesn't seem as a threat, how differently would we see them with love?

Being truly seen and appreciated for who you are is a gift that those who are meant to be in your life and align with your purpose will give.

I encourage everyone, when having a not so positive judgement about someone or a situation that has done you no harm, try getting a deeper understanding and getting to know the person first.

What happens if we take the ego out of it and look through eyes from a higher place. Love is what brings all together.

Release the light within by spreading the love and truely seeing people for who they are. To have an impact on others and in the purpose to heal and serve as soulful entrepreneurs and people, first SEE someone and let a soulful connection begin.

One of the greatest heartfelt gift is to see someone for all that they are and more.. See their authentic gift.

SO, thank you to all my family, friends and soul clients for seeing me! Xxx With all my heart, love you guys x

What can you do when you feel Unseen? 💛See Yourself 💛Connect deep within to your gifts and purpose 💛Give yourself lots of love and self care 💛Focus on and appreciate those who see you 💛Know that you are loved 💛Honour your worth 💛Process how you feel, then lighten it up 💛Go out there and fulfil your life and purpose 💛Shine you light no matter what 💛With love and understanding, release those who don't choose to see you

YOU.... ARE SEEN x I see the magnificent you through highs and lows shining out whether you know it or not hehe 💜💜💜

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