The Power of Setting Intentions

Updated: May 5, 2020

Set Intentions and then let it go..

The Power of What, are you Joking?

That's what some thought when talking about it,

Setting Intentions...

A part of setting your mindset up for happiness & success.

Setting daily intentions,

The power of expressing & making it clear to yourself as well as the universe what you want to achieve in the present moment.

Differing to a goal, an intention is a secret within your inner world.

Your mind enjoyingly branching into exploration & expansion.

Blossoming thoughts towards who you want to be and how you want to contribute to the world connecting with your values.

Attracting what you want & what aligns with you.

Add your intentions to a morning routine.

Prior to setting intentions, meditate, put yourself into a good place by practicing gratitude or something that makes you feel at ease.

To set intentions use positive solution focused language & make the desire short term to have powerful segments of intention settings (can do them often to make a longer term intention).

Write down & speak out your intentions.

Visualise it, feel it, be grateful for it and then....

Let it go!

Yes, just like that!

Have trust and let it flow in a natural way. Trust in the process.

Eliminating the chance of feeling scarcity & trying to control it.

Attracting what you want by expressing and opening it up to the universe in a fluid way.

Some examples of intentions:

* I intend to live conscious, awake and aware within the present moment, while feeling as much joy as possible..

* I intend to put meaning into what I do..

* I intend to be open to success & abundance..

* I intend to invite flow & productivity to myself ..

In contrast, a goal is a measurable plan to work towards what you want in a certain time-frame.

Setting separate specific goals of what you want to achieve works well alongside intentions.

Look around, it's all there to see and discover.

Let your intentions bring clarity, attract & connect deeper to what you value & how you show up in this world...

Driving you forward every single day x

Think, what intentions do you have today? đź’•

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