You are your Own Creator, No One gets to Create You..

Updated: May 5, 2020

Don't Stop Being Beautiful You!!

You have the power to truly see yourself and not let anything get in the way of being authentically yourself and carrying out your mission in life.

It's important to be you and shine this in the world, the world needs our unique gifts.

(This photo was from a previous performance, what a moment to capture, feels like it sets the tone :) )

It's easy to get into the habit of feeling powerless and stuck. Thinking our happiness or success relies on others.

I have been there...

At the mercy of negative thoughts or what people think of you. Thinking that who and where you are today is as a result of external factors. Eg. like what people think of you, how they see you, what opportunities arise, how others define your worth & gift etc...

This can hold us back, being in a mould set by others' labels.

F**k the labels!!

Shine on Beautiful Souls.

Take the Power back, it's time to step it up!!

Rethink and choose if it is serving you seeing your worth and potential through others eyes.

Sometimes no matter how great you are, some people just won't get you or like you.

And that is OK :) (Whoop whoop, party time lol)

Like a saying I have heard many times before, which has finally hit home for me in the last year...

"What others think of you is none of your business"

And what I think (as long as you are not causing harm) "Who you are is your own business"

Re-connect and rewrite your story. No one better knows than you x

Once I realized i am responsible for who I am and what life I create, everything changed for the better.

Here in lockdown, we have even more space to re-connect & transform.

Get on with being beautiful you, becoming, even more your best self & thriving in what you love as well as your mission.

Be too busy loving you and shining out into the world that you don't even notice the critics and labels.

Imagine being a Pioneer of Yourself... taking back your true power.

Keep shining your light!

Sending love on this beautiful Sunday. 💛

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